Friday, 23 September 2011

Spooky Sneak Peek!

Here are just a couple of photos from our upcoming Jewels For Ghouls Halloween collection! I hope you like them!

This is a close-up of our Going Batty necklace, which is worn in our promo picture.

And here Callay is wearing one of a selection of Jack-O-Lantern necklaces fresh from the pumpkin patch.

Jewels For Ghouls is released this monday so check then for these pieces and even more frighteningly good fun!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Jewels For Ghouls!


We are Callooh and Callay - purveyors of fine acrylic jewellery. Welcome to our blog!
At the beginning of the year my buddy Callooh and I decided to combine our creative talents and come up with something joyous to share with the world. And so Callooh and Callay was born! - 'All the Fun of the Fair For You to Wear!'

Our pieces are bright, colourful, cute and, above all, fun! Our designs are influenced by our obsessions: from circuses to heraldy, animals to pop culture. They are made of high quality acrylic, either printed or intricately cut and engraved.

Stroll along to to take a look at our wares, hopefully you'll see something you like!  Don't forget to use the discount code 'Opening' for 10% off until monday.

Stay tuned to this blog for sneak peeks of upcoming products, sales and promotions as well as indepth looks at our design process and inspirations and various other bits of frivolity!

Our Halloween collection is coming out Monday, I really hope you'll all like it!

 Love to all!

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