Reviews and Happy Customers :)

'My Jareth and balloon dog necklaces arrived super quickly. I love them! I can't wait to buy more stuff. They are amazing. Thanks so much! :D'  - Lindsay Machin
'I got my batty necklace today. It's adorable! ... Good job, lovelies! xxx' - Saila
'My lovely King Ermine brooch arrived today and is now adorning my red coat. Thanks again (and for the outrageously blue lolly, which has stained my tongue!)! xx'  - Alison Drury
'Got my bat necklace today! Love it! Thank You!!! =) ' - Rosa of Black Rose Minerals 
'Look at my lovely @CalloohCallayUK necklace! ♥ ' - Susan of Darling Girl Cosmetics 

'My little bats arrived today! Absolutely in love with them. Thank you! The lolly was tasty, too!' - Jen